Bibliography (Illustration)

More Blueberries!, Susan Musgrave (Orca Books, 2015) 
   ISBN 978-1-4598-0707-5

Love You More, Susan Musgrave (Orca Books, 2014) 
   ISBN 978-1-4598-0240-7

Our Flag: The Story of Canada’s Maple Leaf
   Ann-Maureen Owens & Jane Yealland (Kids Can Press, 2014)* 
   ISBN 978-1-77138-111-6 (Bound) ISBN 978-1-77138-112-3 (pbk.)

Mister Dash and the Cupcake Calamity, Monica Kulling (Tundra, 2013) 
   ISBN 978-1-77049-396-4 (Bound)   

JoJo the Giant, Jane Barclay (Tundra, 2012)
ISBN 978-0-88776-976-4 (Bound)
Merci Mister Dash, Monica Kulling (Tundra, 2011)
ISBN 978-0-88776-964-1 (Bound)

The Seven Seas, Ellen Jackson (Eerdmans Books, 2011)* 
ISBN 978-0-8028-5341-7 (Bound)

Gonzalo Grabs the Good Life, Janice Levy (Eerdmans Books, 2009)* 
ISBN 978-0-8028-5328-8 (Bound)

Quick Knits, Judy Ann Sadler (Kids Can Press, 2006) 
ISBN 10: 1-55337-963-2 (Bound) ISBN 10: 1-55337-964-0 (pbk.)

The Jumbo Book of Needlecrafts, Compilation (Kids Can Press, 2005) 
ISBN 1-55337-793-1(pbk.)

Drumheller Dinosaur Dance, Robert Heidbreder (Kids Can Press, 2004)* 
ISBN 1-55337-393-6 (Bound)

Crocheting, Kinsler Blakley & Jackie Young (Kids Can Press, 2003) 
ISBN 1-55337-176-3 (Bound) ISBN 1-55337-177-1 (pbk.)

Knitting, Judy Ann Sadler (Kids Can Press, 2002) 
ISBN 1-55337-050-3 (Bound) ISBN 1-55337-051-1 (pbk.)

Native Crafts, Inspired by North America’s First Peoples, Maxine Trottier
(Kids Can Press, 2000)
ISBN 1-55074-854-8 (Bound) ISBN 1-55074-549-2 (pbk.)

Making Memory Books, Amanda Lewis (Kids Can Press, 1999)
ISBN 1-55074-567-0

Lettering, Amanda Lewis (Kids Can Press, 1996)
ISBN 1-55074-312-0 (Bound) ISBN 1-55074-232-9 (pbk.)

Get Started: Stamp Collecting for Canadian Kids, 
Elizabeth McLeod (Kids Can Press, 1996)*
ISBN 1-55074-279-5 (Bound) ISBN 1-55074-313-9 (pbk.)

Canada’s Maple Leaf: The Story of our flag
Ann-Maureen Owens & Jane Yealland (Kids Can Press)*
ISBN 1-55074-459-3 (Bound) ISBN 1-55074-516-6 (pbk.)
* Denotes books which have been co-illustrated with Bill Slavin.

Awards & Nominations

Gonzalo Grabs the Good Life
2010   Children’s Choice Book Awards Nomination (Children’s Book Council) (USA)
Drumheller Dinosaur Dance
2006   Chocolate Lily Book Award Winner
2005   Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award Shortlist
2005   Childrens’ Choices, International Reading Association Shortlist (USA)
2005   Blue Spruce Award, Ontario Library Association Winner
2005   Childrens’ Choices, International Reading Association Shortlist
2005   Great Book Award, Canada Toy Testing Council Winner
2005   Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award Shortlist
2005   Shinning Willow Award, Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Shortlist
Quick Knits
2006   Best Bets - Top 10 Canadian Children’s Books, Ontario Library Association
2003   Our Choice, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
2002   Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award Commended (USA)
Native Crafts
2000   Parents’ Choice Recommended Winner (USA)